Model Dialog


Mrs. Ani came to see Dr. Lani one evening. She complained about her general health condition. At the waiting room, a nurse called her name and Mrs. Ani stood up and entered the doctor’s room .

Doctor: Good evening Mrs. Ani. I’m glad to see you.
Ani : I’m pleased to see you too, Doc
Doctor: The weather is bad. isn’t it, Mrs. Ani? it has been raining  all day. Now let  me take down your health problems. Do you have particular     complaints, Mrs Ani?
Ani : Yes, i’m losing my appetite and i get tired very quickly.
Doctor: Are you working?
Ani : Yes, I’m working at a securities firm from 8 am until 05.30 pm
Doctor: You are working hard, now let me examine your heart and blood pressure ( Ani lies on the Clinic Bed). your blood pressure is normal 120/80. heart is clear. I can conclude  that you are healthy woman.
Ani : Thank you Doc, but how about this fatigue?
Doctor: I think you are suffering from a job-fatigue syndrome, i suggest that you take some time off your office and enjoy life. also eat more foods that renew your energy.
Ani : I don’t like meat and milk, Doctor
Doctor: Beans, banana, spinach and other vegetables are good substitutes for meat. I’ll give you a blood test. You can go to the lab tommorow. take this letter and you will have complete blood test and urine test.
Ani : Thank you, Doctor bye-bye.